PhD Research

The School of Computing Science and Digital Media is focused on developing high quality research within the domain of Data Driven Innovation. This can be classified into four key areas: Big Data, Internet of Things, Security and Privacy and Computing Education. We aim to push the boundaries of theoretical and practical knowledge in Computing and offering novel thinking on how technology can enrich society and enable businesses to operate at the highest level.

Research and Teaching are inexorably linked and therefore we ensure that our high quality research is integrated within our undergraduate and postgraduate teaching portfolios. This thereby allows those students to not only see the larger picture but also delve down into the science of novel knowledge creation.

Current Research Topic Areas
This is a list of our current research projects.

Optimisation of Operational Performance Based on Data-Driven Dynamic Thermal Models
Security Assurance of Operational Technology

Before applying for any of the opportunities detailed in the link above, do make sure that you meet the minimum entry requirements (Online). Should you require further clarification about a proposed research topic then do get in touch with the Academic proposing the project in question. One may apply for any of these positions (Online). The following details and documents will be required to apply.

  • Basic general information - name, contact details
  • Universities attended and qualifications gained
  • English language qualification
  • Passport scan
  • Academic Transcripts
  • CV
  • Research Proposal

Additional information on what you will study, entry requirements and course fees is available from the Computing Research page (Online).

Funding Opportunities and Further Options
Carnegie-Caledonian PhD Scholarships (Online).
List of PhD opportunities on (Online).

Current Research Students
A full list of current research students and their topics can be found here.

Research Seminars
The School holds a regular series of Research Seminars, that are attended by the student body and academics. Students are expected to present their work at least twice during their studies.