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Welcome to the School of Computer Science and Digital Media support pages.

The school is supported by a team of 4 System Administrators and an Elearning administrator led by a systems manager, look after the day to day running of the IT facilites in the School.

Colin Beagrie - Systems Manager Iain Bell - Snr Systems Administrator Tommy Taylor - Snt Systems Administrator Chris Young - E-learning Technologist Susan Frost - Systems Administrator
Colin Beagrie
Systems Manager
Iain Bell
Snr System Admin
Tommy Taylor
Snr System Admin
Chris Young
e-Learning Technologist
Susan Frost
System Admin

The team is responsible for the following:

  • Acting as a single point of contact for staff/student issues for both local and centrally provided services.
  • Dealing with both planned and ad-hoc requests from lecturers for new server and lab software requirements.
  • Ensuring that local servers and lab workstations are providing a day-to-day operational service that supports the teaching environment.
  • Ensuring that backups are taken nightly and stored on the University disk backup service and that data is restored at staff/student request.

Other School facilities

As well as access to server and desktop resources, the School has a number of other services and pieces of hardware to give students an awareness of the technologies available to them when they leave University.

Green Screen Room

The green screen video suite will allow the students to develop multimedia movies and photos where the background can be edited out to make the actors appear anywhere. We also have access to Audio and Video equipment here for the multimedia work

Motion Capture Suite

A 2012 acquisition, the School has purchased a 12 camera Optitrack, motion capture system to enhance its Digital Media teaching facilities.

Render Farm

The School makes use of a Boston 8 node render farm used to improve the speed of 3D Animation creation. As an example, a project that took two weeks to render on a student owned machine, rendered over a weekend on the render farm. The 3D graphics render node system is a compact piece of hardware that is effectively 8 Quad core PC’s squashed together in a small form factor. Projects are submitted by the students to the render farm and can monitor the status of that job via monitor software. The service is administered by the School System Administration team.

Multimedia Equipment

The school has purchased over the past three years a number of pieces of multimedia equipment ranging from cameras and relevant accessories, to coloured screens and camera tracking systems. A full list can be supplied if required.

Handy Contact Addresses

System Manager
Location: N425
System Adminstrators
Location: N425
ITS Helpdesk
Location: within the Library, Garthdee
Telephone: 01224 262777Web: @RGU_ITHelpdesk
Virtual Campus 
Location: St Andrews Street
Telephone:01224 262233