Astah Professional

This year we have added a new product to our software list to replace the ageing Rational Rose licence. This software is called Astah Professional and as well as being able to install it on any School of Computing PC, we can offer it to  students for their personal machines too. The Astah Professional Faculty Site License is designed to provide the most inexpensive way to make Astah design tools available in classrooms, teaching and research labs and on personal computers. With our Faculty Site License, everyone in a qualified department of an educational institution (eg.all professors, faculty, students) are able to install and use Astah Professional.

What Astah Professional Faculty Site License offers

With the purchase of a Faculty Site License you are entitled to the latest version of Astah, unlimited installations of Astah Professional on ALL computers within the department, on ALL personal computers belonging to department members (faculty and students) and the right to redistribute Astah for installation on department computers.


  • Astah Professional Faculty Site License is applicable for students and faculty who belong to a department of the educational institution.
  • Astah Professional Faculty Site License cannot be used for any commercial purposes or sublicensed to any third party.
  • All users must abide by the Astah END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT.
    • If you do not abide by these conditions, you will be disqualified from the Astah Professional Faculty Site License Program.

Downloading the software:

Download the software from this location and download the latest version:

Licensing the software:

Students interested in running Astah beyond the trial period should pick up a valid licence file. This licence runs for one year and currently runs between 12th Dec to the following December whereupon it will need renewed.

Students should either pay a visit to the System Administrators in rooms C13/C14 with a USB data pen or alternatively email with their matriculation number and requesting the Astah license file.

Then once back at the PC, Launch astah* professional.
A [License Management] dialog appears automatically, select [Set License key] and then specify the license key. However, if the dialog does not open, select [Tool] -> [License].