Free Software from Microsoft

All students in the School of Computing are entitled to access Imagine Premium. Imagine Premium was previously known as Dreamspark and MSDNAA and allows free access to developer tools, operating systems and server applications.  The only change made to the programs is the name and associated branding on the e-academy WebStores. All available software titles, services and support  remain the same.


All students will receive and email in the first few weeks of the semester inviting them to join up.

The email will look a little like this:




If you haven’t received an email or can’t find it, pay a visit to the System Administrators in room N425. Alternatively email with your matriculation number and requesting access to Imagine Premium. Access will be set up and details emailed to your email address. Once you have your details you can simply log into the system using your username ( and password and start browsing/ordering the software available here.

To access the free software, search for ‘education’ in the search bar at the top of the page, and click on software in the sidebar.


Technical Support

If you have any technical difficulties while downloading the software, please go to the support section in the Imagine website and click on Request Customer Support. This request will come back to the Programme Administrators here in the School of Computing.